Logic v. Amazon ~ Round 2

When last we saw the fight, Miss Bookish Girl and EM were each holding their own. EM’s last point had been that customers are just as, if not more, reprehensible than Amazon. After all, it’s the consumer that allows these practices to continue. Let’s see how Miss Bookish Girl rebuts.

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Logic v. Amazon ~ Round 1

Miss Bookish Girl and EM are a high-spirited, strongly opinionated, and well-informed sort of folk, which generally leads to thought-provoking discussion and debate. Such is the case when they began discussing Amazon. Miss Bookish Girl, take it away.

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As Editor-in-Chief of this new venture, I’ve been sitting here, staring at the screen and trying desperately to think of a good way to introduce this story. There is no “good way” to introduce such hilarity.  So I think it would be best to let the story speak for itself.

A bit of background for context:

1. Bella Rachel is afraid of/hates mice.

2. EM is a well-known brilliant smart-ass.

3. This kind of thing happens to them ALL THE TIME.

The entire story is presented in a conversation-style re-telling from both Bella Rachel and EM, as such, each speaker is delineated by their respective initials, BR and EM.

And with that, here’s EM and Bella Rachel and their story of Mousecapades…

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